Spot on the ‘SLS Residences Dubai’

Spot on the ‘SLS Residences Dubai’

If you are currently in the market and looking for unique property, this presentation is a must for your watch and consider prior to making your final move.

The SLS Hotel and Residences Dubai is a $ 550 million project, developed by World Of Wonders Real Estate Development and Gunal ( part of the MNG Holding Group ) being the main contractor. The project stands out by all means in every aspect, and the site has been one of the fastest moving in town, having already hit the 91% of progress as per the Dubai Land Department’s inspector’s report of 04 May 2020.

The impressive development will host the highest infinity pools in Dubai and the Gulf area, at 325 metres high !!! That makes it on the second highest globally, just behind the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (340 metres high ).

Be it the design and structure of the tower, the typology of the apartments, the size ranges, the lush of amenities or else, there are so many key factors that backs up my take when inviting you to consider this amazing property. So without any further ado, lets go through the details of the SLS Hotel & Residences Dubai.

I hope i have made my point and i am confident that you are impressed by now, as i were myself.

You may find more details and collateral, you can always reach out to me for any inquiries, questions or assistance. I will be always ready and glad to assist you with a tailored and free service.

Here is the web page for more details, brochure, prices and more :

In order to arrange a physical or even a live viewing, please connect with me at your convenience.

WOW RED, the SLS Dubai’s developer has recently released a video showing a One bedroom Loft Apartment, should you be willing to invest from overseas , you’ll love every detail about it!

Sofiene Haddad

Sales Director & Head of Training
Tanami Properties, Dubai, UAE

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