Covid19’s impact on Dubai Real Estate Market

Covid19’s impact on Dubai Real Estate Market

Tanami Properties’s first Webinar on the Covid 19 in Dubai and its impact on the Dubai Real Estate Market.

Presented by the Successful serial entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Tanami Properties Mr. Samer AlNaqbi and myself. The main objective being sharing the actual statistics and transactions registered from Dubai Land Department in order to understand the current market trends and investors’s sentiment.

Knowledge is power !

Get armed with real data that helps you to make a rational decision, which will eventually serve an your emotional one.

In this presentation, we have tried to cover four points:

  • Statistics and number of performed Covid19 tests in Dubai compared to the rest of the world.
  • The Government’s actions & measures
  • Dubai Property Market overview Q1 2020 – Transactions and Supply
  • The Why & Where to consider investing in Dubai Property

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Sofiene Haddad

Sales Director & Head of Training
Tanami Properties, Dubai, UAE

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